Blog Post #2

Movie adaptations are always insightful when trying to analyze a literary piece. The movie adaptation of ‘Importance of being Earnest’ is no exception to that. Oscar Wilde tries to convey the hypocrisy that ran rampant in British society during the Victorian period. While the play is sufficient enough to understand that message, the movie helps refine and reinforce that message. The reason for that being the descriptive and detailed scenes added in the movie by the director. Furthermore, the actors do a brilliant job of bringing alive the characters and clearing the lines of hypocrisy. The movie even adds a few scenes that helps bring out the theme of the play even more. One such scene is when there are thugs chasing Algy because he did not pay his debts but in the very next scene he gives a speech to Jack regarding morals. While there are some purists who claim that such changes should not be encouraged in movies, one must understand that different adaptations have different interpretations of literary pieces and they should be appreciated for trying to shine a different light on Wilde’s work. After all, literature is all about one’s interpretations and understanding.


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