Blog Post #8

While I do believe that the morals spoken about in Cinderella are important for children, I do not believe that from a story telling perspective, it is a story that is suitable for children. The main reason for this I believe is the objectification of women through Cinderella. I believe that Cinderella’s kindness and purity are her best features. These personality traits are what make Cinderella so unique and likable. However, the prince marries her based solely on her looks, her beautiful dress, and the precious garments she wore to the ball. In a way, the prince was attracted to Cinderella based solely on materialistic and lustful reasons. Because of this, girls are taught from a young age that these things matter greatly. Cinderella’s kindness is completely overshadowed by her beauty. Therefore, the most important moral of this story, which is the importance of always being kind, is forever lost on these children.


Blog Post #7

I grew up watching the Disney version of Cinderella. Hence, it is only natural that it is the Disney version of the story that I incline towards. However, it was through this very course that I was enlightened to the fact that the 1950 Disney movie was actually inspired by the tale of Cinderella written by Charles Perrault. One of the reasons why fairy tales are told to children when they are young is that most of them have important life lessons and morals that are important for the positive nurturing of children. Cinderella is no exception to this. Most of these morals are relevant in all of the telling of the story except perhaps the Roald Dahl version which takes a more cynical approach to the story. These morals include the importance of being kind, constant belief in yourself, and to stay strong no matter what setbacks you face in life. I think that these morals apply especially in today’s modern day and age where people have forgot the importance of being nice to each other. Selflessness has become a trait that is rare to spot in people nowadays. We need to take inspiration from such fairy tales and implement some of these learning into our own lives.

Blog Post #6

We all are in search of continual bliss,

Itching to find so many reasons to smile.

Is it money and wealth or a lover’s kiss,

That keeps us merry and happy for a while?


But to be in a state of peace and zen,

People start to worship gods and praise an idol.

Some look at the sweet release of narcotics now and then,

While others are charitable to seem gracious and noble.


But after all the laughter and joy subsides,

What is this gaping hole in my heart i wonder,

That nothing in this world simply can hide,

Roaring in my mind and soul like wild thunder.


Is the idea of continual bliss an endless road,

As we strive to find the end while we slowly erode?