Blog Post #8

While I do believe that the morals spoken about in Cinderella are important for children, I do not believe that from a story telling perspective, it is a story that is suitable for children. The main reason for this I believe is the objectification of women through Cinderella. I believe that Cinderella’s kindness and purity are her best features. These personality traits are what make Cinderella so unique and likable. However, the prince marries her based solely on her looks, her beautiful dress, and the precious garments she wore to the ball. In a way, the prince was attracted to Cinderella based solely on materialistic and lustful reasons. Because of this, girls are taught from a young age that these things matter greatly. Cinderella’s kindness is completely overshadowed by her beauty. Therefore, the most important moral of this story, which is the importance of always being kind, is forever lost on these children.


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