Blog Post #10

One of the main themes of ‘The Interpreter of Maladies’ is the difficulty of communication. The main miscommunication explored in the story is miscommunication that is prevalent in loveless marriages. In this short story, both Mrs. Das and Mr. Kapasi are in loveless marriages and the short story explores some sort of chemistry between the two. The description of the sun temple in pages 21 and 22 explores this theme and topic of the story. The sun temple is filled with naked figures of women and these are used by the author to highlight the plight of Mr. Kapasi. “Though Mr. Kapasi had been to the temple countless times, it occurred to him, as he, too, gazed at the topless women, that he had never seen his own wife fully naked. Even when they had made love she kept the panels of her blouse hooked together, the string of her petticoat knotted around her waist.” This direct quotation from page 22 further enhances the loneliness felt by Mr. Kapasi in his marriage and cements his unhappiness in the reader’s mind. The author uses this to further discuss this topic in the short story.


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